Project: Tic-Tac-Toe

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A window based Tic-Tac-Toe game implementation in C# using Visual Studio.


A group project in C# that was developed for a university assignment on the subject of Human Interaction with Computers.

Airport Ticket System

A simple console based airport ticket system in C++ using data structures.


On this project, we study applications of the NEAT algorithm in deterministic and non-deterministic game environments. First, we look at an overview of the NEAT algorithm, how it works, design principles and the challenges that come with implementation. Next, we introduce a custom two-dimensional game in Python for two players: blue and red. We lay down the basic rules and structure, in order to create an environment suitable for neuroevolution. Finally, we study five training cases, where the blue and red player are given several tasks that must be achieved through the evolution of neural networks.

Android Emergency Application

A group project in Android that was developed for a university assignment on the subject of Software Engineering.

Notable features:

  • Google sign in and fingerpring authentication
  • Speak with a hypothetical licensed Doctor using live chat
  • In-app and system wide emergency phone alerts on major events
  • Panic button for emergency calls when something serious happens
  • Driving mode that notifies user of speeding violations with map representation
  • Disability mode that detects when someone falls but also makes calls and sends sms
  • Software development phases based on RUP with detailed UML diagrams

Android Speedometer

A simple Android application that uses a phone's location to keep track of speeding violations.